• Official release date 29th January
  • Would you like to feel old beautiful days again?
  • Come and join us to feel the difference.


Do you miss old MYKO days? Come and join us to feel the difference.


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🔐70 Skill Guide

Dear MYKO GG Family, Details on 70 skills are below.

🌟Level Guide

Dear MYKO GG Family, For players who want to level up, a summary leveling format has been prepared below. We think it will help when you leveling. 1-72 Sample Leveling Program: ➤ 1-20 Level: Moradon Mandatory map up to Level 20 (You can do auto Exp missions)

➕Upgrade Guide

Dear MYKO GG Family, All upgrade rates are listed below. May the force be with you!      Blessed Upgrade Scroll   Blessed Upgrade Scroll w/Trina    Reverse Item Upgrade   Reverse Item Upgrade w/Karivdis  

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💪 Development Character

Development Character As was stated at the beginning of this guide: The early levels in MYKO is important, as it is where you will learn skills, explore the world, learn the quest system, make friends, kill monsters, and develop abilities that will eventua