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Development Character

As was stated at the beginning of this guide: The early levels in MYKO is important, as it is where you will learn skills, explore the world, learn the quest system, make friends, kill monsters, and develop abilities that will eventually be needed in PvP conflict. Revel in this time, and make the most of it as you travel along the path of knighthood and approach the fields of war. In this section of the guide, you will find important information on leveling and experience, stats, jobs, and skills.

Pressing “K” will bring up your character's skill window. You will earn skill points with every level after level 10 and can distribute them by clicking on the “P” next to the name of the skill you wish to increase. The more points spent on a skill, the more spells and abilities will be available under that skill tree. How you distribute your skill points is entirely up to you. It is further recommended that you choose only two of the three active skill trees to develop so that you can build a more powerful character.

Every time your character gains a level, you earn points to spend on your character's attributes, allowing you to strengthen and customize your character. You may place the points as you choose; however, you should pay attention to the two statistics that are listed in blue text. Those are the two primary statistics for your character class.

STR: Strength determines physical attack/defense ability.
DEX: Dexterity affects dodging ability and ranged attack power.
HP: Health points measure a character's life force and ability to withstand damage.
INT: Intelligence affects the magic points available to a magician or priest.